The Westminster Russia Forum works with and supports a range of organisations including charities, cultural and business organisations. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and ability to work with like minded groups – we believe in equitable cooperation and work in association with a range of organisations, companies, social groups and charities including:

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We are also proud to have forged a number of international partnerships including:

Russia Danish Dialogue

Russia America Goodwill Association

While we support the broad aims of all of our partners we remain an independent organisation and our partnerships should not be taken as support for any particular policies or statements.

Working With the WRF…

There are range of ways in which you can work with and partner with WRF -from interning with us to sponsoring an event we offer a wide range of partnership opportunities including:

  • Internships – We offer remote, flexible and part time voluntary internships / work shadows with WRF. Please send us your CV!
  • Blog / Content Contributors – We are expanding our content – from blog articles to magazine contributors we welcome all submissions!
  • Associate Partnerships – Have a mutual interest organisation and would like to partner with us – from logo swaps to mutual events and joint marketing WRF is keen to work with you – get in touch today!
  • Commercial Partnerships – We are keen to work with you – if you wish to sponsor an event we offer a wide range of opportunities and great exposure to you and your brand!

As one of the premier Anglo-Russian organisations in the UK we pride ourselves on our transparency and open to cooperation attitude – many organisations are siloed – we work with a wide range of partners and value new friends. Russia is rarely far from the headlines – we want to partner with you so please do get in touch with any proposals!

For more information please get in touch today –