Production Alert! A Dog’s Heart – Mikhail Bulgakov

A Dog’s Heart

After Mikhail Bulgakov’s novel

Performed in Russian with English subtitles.

Thursday 5th October – 7:30 pm, Friday 6th October – 7:30 pm,

Saturday 7th October – 3 pm and 7:30 pmat Pleasance Theatre Islington, Carpenters Mews, North Road, London N7 9EF

In a surrealistic world, a brilliant medical professor transforms a stray dog into a monstrous man who turns on his creator… Written in 1925, Mikhail Bulgakov’s satirical masterpiece was banned in Russia for 60 years for its controversial portrayal of the social clash between classes and generations. The story, featuring a stray dog named Sharik who takes human form as a narcissistic incarnation of the New Soviet Man is traditionally interpreted as an allegory of the Communist revolution. Marking the centenary of the Russian Revolution, London based Russian company Xameleon Theatre presents an interactive, original take on a tale still surprisingly relevant in today’s divided world.

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