The Ushakov Medal & The Arctic Convoys

The WRF is Proud to be Supporting the Ushakov Medal Campaign…


We are looking for sponsors and partners to assist the visit of some ten Russian and Soviet veterans to take part in this May’s victory celebrations – incidentally coinciding with the 75th anniversary of Operation Dervish = the first convoy of 34 Hurricane fighter bombers of 151 Wing RAF – designated to provide air cover for the Russian Arctic Convoys.


The Westminster Russia Forum is proud to be supporting the Ushakov medal awarding campaign.

The Ushakov is a formal decoration of the Russian Federation designed to commemorate exceptional bravery at sea. Founded in 1944 the medal commemorates those brave sailors of the British Royal Navy and Merchant Marine that took the perilous journey north to support our allies – the Soviet Union. A special mention of thanks goes to the founder of the WRF and his team, Mr Richard Royal for launching the WRF’s support in 2012.

The Westminster Russia Forum is proud to be supporting the campaign to award our veterans the medal that they fought so hard for.

How Can the WRF Help?

If you are a recipient of the medal, a relative, Royal Naval Association or would like our assistance in receiving your award please contact us directly and we will contact the embassy on your behalf.

Alternatively more information can be found at the Russian Embassy website —